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October 2018

Antibody and Antigen Products

The Binding Site, Inc

Binding Site’s Immunologicals Group has expanded its antibody and antigen product offerings for human coagulation and complement applications. Both Prothombin and Glycerol-Free Prothombin proteins are available as antigens, while the antibody products include Anti-Human C1, C3, C4, C5, and C8; Factor H; Factor I; Fibrinogen; Fibronectin; Plasminogen; Prothombin; Thrombin; and von Willebrand Factor. All products are designed to work as critical components within a number of enzyme immunoassay applications, especially ELISA. Both product lines feature extended shelf-life stability claims and lot-to-lot consistencies. All are available in unitized, standard-vial size formats, with bulk packaging and customer-specific fabrication options available.

Binding Site, Inc

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