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June 2020

Whole PTH Assay
Fujirebio Diagnostics announces FDA clearance of the Lumipulse G whole PTH Assay for testing on its LUMIPULSE G1200 immunoassay platform. The measurement... Read more
Human Papillomavirus Proficiency Testing
The new HPV molecular program from WSLH Proficiency Testing includes five samples shipped three times a year. The 1 mL samples are compatible with Roche... Read more
Automated Multiplex Solution
The Dynex Multiplier with SmartPLEX Technology is now available to deliver fully automated multiplex solutions to help optimize lab developed immunoassay... Read more
Pipette Tip Refill System
Sarstedt introduces the Refill Revolution, a flexible, eco-friendly pipette tip refill system comprising four options: a reusable box, SingleRefills, StackPacks,... Read more
UV Decontamination Chamber
The UV-Box from Air Science is a high-efficiency chamber designed to safely decontaminate contents while providing a safe work environment. High-intensity... Read more
Respiratory Panel Control
Exact Diagnostics, a Bio-Rad company, announces the launch of its EDX RP Positive Run Control, an unassayed external quality control intended to monitor... Read more
WiFi Temperature Sensor
Rees Scientific’s Resistance Temperature Detector (RTD) sensor is now WiFi capable and comes equipped with an accurate, wide-range probe to cover... Read more
Biological Safety Cabinet
The LabGard NU-543 from NuAire is a Class II, Type A2, benchtop biosafety cabinet, optionally available with a telescoping/auto-rising base stand. Its... Read more
Automated Chemistry System
Ortho Clinical Diagnostics announces the launch of the VITROS XT 3400 chemistry system, completing the company’s VITROS XT Solutions suite. The suite,... Read more
Revenue Cycle Management Platform
XIFIN announces enhancements to its revenue cycle management platform as well as a partnership with Infinx to enhance prior authorization and appeals automation... Read more
Laboratory Pure Water System
ELGA LabWater’s PURELAB Quest delivers water for a wide range of lab applications (Type I ultrapure [UPW], pure Type II, and general laboratory grade... Read more

May 2020

Blood Sample Collection & Transport System
Sarstedt announces the acquisition of Timedico, which develops and markets a one-touch blood sample transportation system, the Tempus600, that Sarstedt... Read more
Biomarker Test for HPV and Cervical Pre-Cancer
Roche announces the US FDA approval of CINtec PLUS Cytology as a biomarker-based triage test for women whose primary cervical cancer screening results... Read more
Water Purification System
The MEDICA systems from ELGA LabWater help laboratories achieve 100% uptime by providing high water quality and emergency bypass. The new MEDICA EDI systems... Read more

April 2020

PCR Laminar Flow Cabinets
Given that polymerase chain reaction (PCR) amplification is extremely sensitive, preventing contamination requires good laboratory practices to minimize... Read more
SARS-CoV-2 Diagnostic Kit
BGI announces a US FDA-approved medical device, the real-time fluorescent RT-PCR kit for detecting SARS-2019-nCoV. Intended for the qualitative detection... Read more
POC Molecular COVID-19 Test
Mesa Biotech announces that it has received Emergency Use Authorization (EUA) from the FDA for its Accula SARS-CoV-2 test, which gives COVID-19 diagnostic... Read more

March 2020

Water Purification
The MEDICA systems from ELGA LabWater aim to help laboratories achieve 100% uptime by providing high water quality and emergency bypass, ideal for all... Read more
Upright Refrigerators
Follett introduces a line of 12-cubic foot, high-performance refrigerators featuring a back-plenum air distribution system. This airflow design delivers... Read more
Mass Spectrometry Systems
SCIEX offers a suite of medical devices (MD) to help clinical biochemistry laboratories obtain quality results and standards in diagnostic... Read more
Specialty Enzyme Catalog
Worthington Biochemical delivers its digital catalog covering a range of specialty enzymes and related applications. The catalog highlights enzymes and... Read more
Wireless Temperature Monitoring
VersaTrak wireless temperature monitoring system from Veracity Group offers 900 MHz and WiFi transmitter solutions, as well as a large selection of probes... Read more
Fentanyl Testing
Ortho Clinical Diagnostics provides an expansion to its menus on MicroTip-capable VITROS Systems to enable testing for fentanyl and tricyclic antidepressant... Read more
LIS for Long-Term Orders
Schulyer House announces a module addition to its SchuyLab LIS that allows users to create and schedule long-term orders. SchuyLab holds such orders in... Read more
Liquid Stable Chemistry Reference Kit
The Matrix Plus chemistry reference kit from Verichem Laboratories is intended for the calibration, or calibration verification, of wet chemistry assays... Read more
Data Logging Thermometer
Cole Parmer’s Traceable Data Logging Ethernet Thermometer is compatible with TraceableLive cloud-based service and offers a secure way to connect... Read more
Customizable LIS
CompuGroup Medical introduces an updated version of its laboratory information system, CGM LABDAQ. Version 19.9 of the software includes new options for... Read more
Cloud-Based Document Control
StaffReady releases a fully integrated document control solution to its existing automated clinical workforce management suite. Specifically designed for... Read more
CPO Detection Assay
BD announces FDA approval for its Check-Points CPO assay for the BD MAX fully automated molecular platform. Created to help manage antibiotic-resistant... Read more
Temperature and Humidity Monitoring
The SmartScan temperature and humidity monitoring systems are customizable to meet the unique needs of the laboratory. Available hardware components include... Read more
Lab Safety Webinars
Dan the Lab Safety Man presents a virtual training course designed to help laboratory professionals ensure safe and successful operations. The series of... Read more
Reagent Reservoir System
Integra Biosciences offers Clear Advantage and SureFlo as part of its suite of products designed to lower the cost of PCR setup and NGS library preparation.... Read more
UVA Illumination for Blood Products
Ashland launches the Rad-Sure UVA 3J indicator for UVA illumination of pathogen reduced blood products. The product offers a solution for ensuring blood... Read more
Coagulation Centrifuge
Drucker Diagnostics’ DASH Coag centrifuge is designed to reduce turnaround time and produce high-quality coagulations in minutes. The simple two-button... Read more

January 2020

Flow Cytometry Sample Preparation System
Sysmex presents the PS-10 sample preparation system for flow cytometry, which alleviates the primary bottleneck in clinical flow cytometry operations,... Read more
Cytogenetic Imaging Suite
Applied Spectral Imaging (ASI) provides an all-in-one imaging and analysis system for digital karyotyping and FISH diagnostics. Dynamic workflows, precise... Read more
Transfusion Management Software
Haemonetics releases the next generation of its SafeTrace Tx transfusion management software. Created specifically for blood banking by experienced blood... Read more

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