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July-August 2019

Laboratory Automation Solution
Beckman Coulter announces the DxA 5000 total laboratory automation solution, which elevates laboratory performance by reducing manual steps. The system... Read more
Compact Mass Spectrometer
The MALDImini-1 from Shimadzu Scientific Instruments is a compact MALDI digital ion trap mass spectrometer that can fit in a small space while allowing... Read more
Refrigerators for Transport
BioFridge portable refrigerators from Sanguis Health are designed for transporting blood, plasma, and other temperature-sensitive biological materials... Read more
Microbiology Plate Assessment
Clever Culture Systems’ Automated Plate Assessment System (APAS) Independence fully automates the interpretation of bacterial growth on culture plates... Read more
Laboratory TAT Monitoring Software
Schuyler House announces the Turn Around Time (TAT) Monitor feature for its graphically intuitive medical laboratory software, SchuyLab Laboratory Information... Read more

June 2019

IVD Reagents for Flow Cytometry
Beckman Coulter’s ClearLLab 10C System for the clinical flow cytometry lab includes a 10-color IVD panel of immunophenotyping reagents that has received... Read more
Immune Cell Types Family of Assays
Applied Biosystems PureQuant Assays from Thermo Fisher Scientific accurately identify and quantify specific immune cell types in a mixed population of... Read more
Lab Quality Management Consulting Services
Pinnacle Lab Quality offers consulting services covering clinical laboratory quality and regulatory affairs, including compliance with CLIA, CAP, and state... Read more

May 2019

Temperature Mapping Kit
Instant Chamber Mapping Kits from Rees Scientific are designed to help laboratories determine temperature uniformity inside temperature control devices.... Read more
Water Purification Monitoring
Milli-Q Connect from MilliporeSigma is a remote service and monitoring capability now available for all Milli-Q CLX 7000 water purification systems. This... Read more
Benchmarking Service
LabScore from Nichols Management Group provides laboratory organizations with productivity and cost comparisons to institutions that are similar in size... Read more
Laboratory Freezers
The new Standard Performance (STP) ultra-low temperature (ULT) freezer series from Thermo Fisher Scientific offers reduced energy usage, operational savings,... Read more
Fume Hood
UniFlow AireStream Fume Hoods from Hemco are constructed of chemical resistant, flame retardant, non-metallic composite resin materials and feature a unitized... Read more
Isotype-Specific Secondary Antibodies
Bio-Rad Laboratories announces a new range of recombinant monoclonal antibodies, directed against the three main mouse isotypes (IgG1, IgG2a, and IgG2b),... Read more
VITROS XT MicroSlides from Ortho Clinical Diagnostics feature multi-test technology that allows labs to run two tests simultaneously on one MicroSlide.... Read more
Temperature Monitoring
Sentinel Next 2.0 from Argus Labs includes a large color touchscreen and a local audible alarm. Its WiFi-enabled sensors can utilize an existing 802.11b/g/n... Read more
Biological Safety Cabinets
The Purair BIO biological safety cabinet (BSC) from Air Science is certified for safety and performance in accordance with NSF/ANSI Standard 49 and EN12469,... Read more
Incubator Monitoring System
The Accsense monitoring system from CAS Dataloggers consists of three wireless data loggers and a gateway. Each data logging pod is capable of accepting... Read more
Sepsis Indicator
Beckman Coulter’s Early Sepsis Indicator, a hematology-based cellular biomarker designed to help identify patients with sepsis (or those with an... Read more
Benchtop Centrifuges
Labnet International has added two new benchtop centrifuges to its line of laboratory centrifuge products. The C0226R Refrigerated Universal Microcentrifuge... Read more
Remote Alarm Delay Module
Hampshire Controls’ updated Model ADM-215 can be connected to refrigerator or freezer alarm relay outputs and can be wired to remote alarm where... Read more
Sequencing System
Integrated DNA Technologies (IDT) introduces its rhAmpSeq targeted sequencing system, which aims to provide accurate, cost-effective, and easy-to-use amplicon... Read more
Water Purification
The MEDICA systems from ELGA LabWater aim to help laboratories achieve 100% uptime by providing high water quality and emergency bypass, ideal for all... Read more

April 2019

Laboratory Information Software Platform
VisualStrata from XIFIN is a precision medicine informatics platform that curates and visualizes diagnostic, clinical, and financial data to document the... Read more
Bordetella Test
DiaSorin Molecular has received FDA clearance for its new Simplexa Bordetella Direct test. This CLIA moderate-complexity assay is designed for use on the... Read more
STI Assay
The US FDA has permitted marketing of a new test from Hologic to aid in the diagnosis of the sexually transmitted infection (STI) Mycoplasma genitalium... Read more
Hemoglobin Analyzer
EKF Diagnostics has signed a private label distribution agreement with McKesson Medical-Surgical for the DiaSpect Tm handheld reagent-free hemoglobin analyzer.... Read more
Therapeutic Drug Monitoring Antibodies
Bio-Rad Laboratories has launched a range of recombinant monoclonal anti-idiotypic antibodies that inhibit the binding of the drug eculizumab (Soliris)... Read more
FFPE Sample Prep Kit
Menarini Silicon Biosystems presents the DEPArray FFPE SamplePrep Kit, designed for the disaggregation and staining of FFPE tissue sections down to a single-cell... Read more
Lab Monitoring Kit
Monnit Corporation’s Lab Monitoring Kit brings remote monitoring to labs, allowing users to be informed and in control. Consisting of two wireless... Read more
Space-Saving Incubators
The Wally family of CO2 incubators from Caron feature a wall-hugging format and slim profile, opening up crowded aisles and hallways to improve workflow.... Read more
Gel Documentation System
Labnet International’s ENDURO line of over 30 electrophoresis products has been further expanded to include its next generation of gel documentation... Read more
Chemical Risk Assessment Guide
To help organize the process of performing compliant and efficient chemical risk assessments, Graphic Products presents the Best Practice Guide for Chemical... Read more
Three-Dimensional Microscope Technology
Tomocube’s holotomography (HT) technique delivers 3D structural and chemical information quickly and simply without any labelling or pre-preparation.... Read more

March 2019

Cloud-Based Middleware System
The DxONE Workflow Manager from Beckman Coulter Diagnostics is a cloud-based middleware system designed to help laboratories standardize workflows, automate... Read more
New Assays for Viral Hepatitis, HIV, and Oncology
The Atellica Solution from Siemens Healthineers offers a wide-ranging menu of assays to comprehensively address patient testing needs, having achieved... Read more
Primer Pairs
DiaSorin Molecular has released three new primer pairs, or Analyte Specific Reagents (ASRs), which can be used in laboratory-developed tests (LDTs). The... Read more
The iMonnit Enterprise Appliance
The iMonnit Enterprise Appliance enables organizations to monitor labs and critical processes while hosting data on premises. The Appliance is compatible... Read more
Class 1 Ductless Workstation
Hemco’s MicroFlow III is a Class 1 ductless, carbon filtered workstation equipped with a particle pre-filter and activated carbon filtration ideal... Read more
Rapamycin, Tacrolimus, and Cyclosporine A Control
The Rap/Tac/CsA Control from More Diagnostics is intended as a diagnostic control to check calibration in clinical laboratory chemistry analyzers by providing... Read more
Hepatitis EIA Testing Proteins
The Binding Site’s Immunologicals Group announces a series of purified proteins for use in hepatitis testing and analysis. These proteins have been... Read more
Blood Culture Education
Magnolia Medical Technologies and the Center for Phlebotomy Education present a collaborative training partnership dedicated to the prevention of blood... Read more
Revenue Cycle Management System
XIFIN announces the Revenue Performance Management (RPM) 10, designed to help diagnostic providers improve revenue, performance, and client and patient... Read more
Mass Spectrometry System
Thermo Fisher Scientific announces its FAIMS Pro interface, a differential ion mobility technology that easily integrates with Thermo Scientific Tribrid... Read more
HIV Combo Test
The VITROS Immunodiagnostic Products HIV Combo Reagent Pack and Calibrator (VITROS HIV Combo test) from Ortho Clinical Diagnostics has received approval... Read more

January 2019

Molecular Information Management Solution
The nucleoLIS E.finity from Psyche Medical Laboratory Software is a fully automated solution designed to support and manage the unique workflow and complex... Read more
The OHAUS Frontier 5706 Multi Centrifuge is designed for both clinical and research centrifuge applications, with a compact footprint to save valuable... Read more
Boekel Scientific’s Gen2 CO2 Incubator features an interior constructed of electro-polished stainless steel for easy cleaning and corrosion resistance.... Read more

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