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May 2023

Automated Laboratory Monitoring System
Monnit Internet of Things (IoT) Solutions for Laboratories help labs monitor and regulate temperatures remotely, securely, and automatically, around the... Read more
Boekel Scientific’s new line of forced air incubators are made for microbiological testing and other general laboratory incubation needs. All units... Read more
Sink Splash Guard
The one-piece HCL Sink Splash Guard from Health Care Logistics is designed to satisfy The Joint Commission’s requirement for splash guards in areas... Read more
Next-Generation Sequencing
Tecan has partnered with Singular Genomics to use the turnkey MagicPrep next-generation sequencing (NGS) system to create sequencing-ready libraries for... Read more
Pathology Reporting System
As of January 1, 2023, compliance requirements spearheaded by the American College of Surgeons Cancer Surgical Standards Program (CSSP) require phased-in... Read more
Animal-Free Enzymes
Worthington is an ISO9001 certified primary producer of purified enzymes, proteins, and nucleic acids for medical lab research, regenerative medicine,... Read more
Specimen Collection Kits
Cardinal Health’s custom specimen collection kits offer a combination of products, packaging, instructions, and compliant labeling. Designed for... Read more
Handheld Indicator for Data Logging
Vaisala presents its new portable Indigo80 Handheld Indicator, which is optimized for measurement in incubators, laboratories, cleanrooms, and life science... Read more
Quality Control Workbook Series
Bio-Rad Laboratories launches the first workbook in a series that offers PACE credits. As a digitally interactive series, it is designed to enable laboratory... Read more
Fentanyl Urine Test
Carolina Liquid Chemistries introduces the Fentanyl Urine Detection Test on the RYAN immunofluorescent analyzer. This FDA cleared and CLIA categorized,... Read more
Hematology Analyzer
The CellaVision DC-1 is designed to automate and simplify the process of performing blood cell differentials in low-volume laboratories. The system leverages... Read more
qPCR Portfolio
LuminUltra introduces the GeneCount qPCR portfolio—a complete, scalable, simplified qPCR workflow including the equipment and consumables necessary... Read more
Microplate Reader
PerkinElmer’s EnVision Nexus multimode microplate reader represents the next iteration of its Envision technology for precision detection and analysis... Read more
Temperature Sensors
Sensaphone provides NIST traceable calibration temperature sensors to help facilities responsible for storing medical specimens, reagents, vaccines, and... Read more
Hemostasis Systems Partnership
Siemens Healthineers has signed a global OEM agreement on hemostasis products with Sysmex Corporation under which each company will supply the other with... Read more

April 2023

PT/INR Monitoring System
The Coag-Sense PT/INR Monitoring System takes measurements of patient samples using patented direct clot technology without the need for algorithms or... Read more
NGS Workstation
PerkinElmer announces its Zephyr G3 NGS iQ workstation, a compact, fully integrated benchtop system that enables the automated construction of up to 96... Read more
Updated Revenue Cycle Management Platform
The XIFIN RPM 15 is the latest version of XIFIN’s revenue cycle management platform, offering improved visibility, transparency, and financial and... Read more
Infectious Disease Panels
Thermo Fisher announces the recent launch of the TrueMark Infectious Disease Research Panels, which are designed to enable rapid and accurate detection... Read more
CT/NG Positive and STI Negative Run Controls
Bio-Rad Laboratories launches two Exact Diagnostics branded products: The CT/NG Positive Run Control is intended to be used with Chlamydia trachomatis... Read more
Pneumatic Tube Technology
TransLogic, a Swisslog Healthcare company, announces its transport automation systems, which feature a comprehensive design to help assist in modernizing... Read more
UniFlow Laboratory Fume Hoods
The low-flow and high-performance UniFlow Laboratory Fume Hoods from Hemco feature an all-composite resin construction that is chemical resistant, flame... Read more
Wireless Temperature Monitoring
Rees Scientific introduces its 5G Wi-Fi system, designed to offer reliability and flexibility, as it aims to streamline the installation process and function... Read more
Quality Management Software
The Omni-Assistant quality management software (QMS) v12.23.x from Omnitech Health is now available. The latest version of this software has been updated... Read more
Laboratory Automation System
Inpeco’s FlexLab is an open automation system offering more than 50 analyzer connections for 11 clinical specialties, enabling laboratories to connect... Read more
Histology Wax Dispenser
The Boekel Scientific Large Wax Dispenser, the latest addition to Boekel’s histology portfolio, features a reservoir that holds up to 28 liters of... Read more

March 2023

Host Immune Response Diagnostic Test
Beckman Coulter Diagnostics and MeMed jointly offer the MeMed BV test, a host immune response diagnostic test that is able to distinguish between bacterial... Read more
Global Antimicrobial Stewardship Center
A new initiative by bioMérieux has been launched to manage antimicrobial resistance and improve antimicrobial stewardship efforts. A health system... Read more
Colon Cancer Detection
The Multimodal Epigenetic Sequencing Assay (MESA) from Helio Genomics has been evaluated to find that combining cell-free DNA (cfDNA) methylation features... Read more
Memmert CO2 incubators from Hettich Instruments help protect cultures by reaching setpoint temperatures quickly without overshoots. These systems minimize... Read more
Temperature Monitoring System
The TR7A Series, introduced by T&D Corporation during the COVID-19 pandemic to help monitor vaccine storage and transportation, was developed to maintain... Read more
Quality Controls
Bio-Rad Laboratories partners with Beckman Coulter to offer InteliQ controls, a range of bar coded, load-and-go quality controls (QCs) in a tube configuration,... Read more
High-resolution Holotomography Microscope
The holotomography (HT) platform HT-X1 from Tomocube uses a conventional single-beam LED instead of a laser light source to illuminate samples. Using various... Read more
Ready-to-Use Viral Vector Assays
PerkinElmer launches ready-to-use, Adeno-associated Virus Vectors (AAV) detection kits to support gene therapies for a variety of serious diseases. The... Read more
NGS Analysis
QIAGEN Digital Insights (QDI), the bioinformatics arm of QIAGEN, announces the CLC Genomics Workbench Premium, which can help remove the data-analysis... Read more
Reference Materials for Calibration Verification Testing of Cholesterol Assays
Verichem Laboratories offers an series of ready-to-use, liquid stable clinical reference materials for total cholesterol, high density lipoprotein (HDL),... Read more
IHC Slide Staining
Roche Diagnostics announces the launch of the BenchMark ULTRA PLUS, which offers a fully automated workflow for immuno histochemistry (IHC) and in situ... Read more

January 2023

Assay Kit for Spinal Muscular Atrophy
PerkinElmer announces that the US FDA has authorized the marketing of its EONIS SCID-SMA assay kit for in vitro diagnostic (IVD) use by certified laboratories... Read more
Comprehensive Genomic Profiling
To support the laboratory need for fast, comprehensive genomic profiling (CGP), Thermo Fisher introduces additions to its next generation sequencing line.... Read more
COVID-19 Home Testing Kit
The US FDA has issued an expanded EUA for the Rheonix COVID-19 MDx Assay to include home collection using the Rheonix COVID-19 PCR Test Saliva Home Collection... Read more
Chemistry Analyzer
The BS-480 chemistry analyzer from Mindray is an FDA-cleared, mid- to high-volume chemistry platform with a conventional software design and an easy-to-navigate... Read more
Upgraded Temperature Monitoring Line
Four of Traceable’s top-selling products have been updated based on user feedback to offer increased user-friendliness, affordability, performance.... Read more
Point-of-Care Antigen Test
Used at the point of care, the LumiraDx SARS-CoV-2 Ag Test verifies COVID-19 infection in minutes so that a patient can rapidly begin treatment and take... Read more
Multi-Level Clinical Reference Materials
Verichem Laboratories announces the availability of ready-to-use, multi-level, clinical reference materials intended for use with toxicology assays on... Read more
SARS-CoV-2, Flu, RSV Positive Run Control
The Exact Diagnostics SARS-CoV-2, Flu, RSV Positive Run Control from Bio-Rad allows laboratories to evaluate day-to-day and lot-to-lot variation of their... Read more
Laboratory Information Systems Acquisition
CompuGroup Medical US (CGM) announces its acquisition of Medicus Laboratory Information Systems (Medicus) from Diagnostic Systems Consulting. Medicus has... Read more
Stackable CO2 Incubator
The PHCbi brand MCO-50M-PA Cell-IQ stackable CO2 incubator (1.8 cu ft) offers accurate control of CO2, O2, humidity, and temperature for optimal culturing... Read more
Animal-Free Enzymes
Worthington is a primary producer of ISO9001-certified purified enzymes, proteins, and nucleic acids for diagnostic applications, medical lab research,... Read more

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