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July 2024

GBS Positive and Negative Run Controls
Bio-Rad Laboratories announces the launch of Exact Diagnostics GBS Positive and Negative Run Controls to complement the previously launched Exact Diagnostics... Read more
Controlled Room Temperature Cabinets
With laboratory products requiring a wide range of temperature conditions for proper storage, staff can safeguard temperature-sensitive products and help... Read more
Software Solution for CRO Collaboration
Signals Synergy from Revvity is a SaaS-based solution for external collaboration between drug discovery sponsors and their contract research organization... Read more
Click-Top Prefilled Specimen Containers
Cardinal presents click and carry containers for specimen transport. The 10% neutral buffered formalin prefilled specimen containers are 95kPa compliant,... Read more
Digital Pathology Platform
Indica Labs has received FDA clearance for HALO AP Dx, its digital pathology platform for primary diagnosis. This 510(k) clearance allows HALO AP Dx to... Read more
Guide to Creating Digital Ready Slides
Leica Biosystems presents Creating Digital Ready Slides: A Practical Guide. The adoption of digital pathology is a multifaceted process and its impact... Read more
Mass Spectrometry Instrument Series
Shimadzu announces the LCMS RX series of its triple quadruple mass spectrometry instruments. Supported by integrated hardware and software technologies,... Read more
Platform for Downsteam Bioprocessing
Sartorius is collaborating with Sanofi to develop an end-to-end platform for integrated and continuous downstream bioprocessing. Sartorius will contribute... Read more
Virtual Reality Lab Training
The US CDC launches OneLab VR, a multiplayer virtual reality (VR) environment that contains a suite of laboratory training scenarios. It includes a 50,000... Read more
Early Lyme Disease Detection
Given the importance of early diagnosis and proper antibiotic treatment of Lyme disease, the Sebia Autoimmune & Infectious Diseases (Sebia AI-ID) Borrelia... Read more
Library Preparation Kit
QIAGEN announces the QIAseq Multimodal DNA/RNA Lib Kit, which enables preparation of DNA and RNA libraries for next-generation sequencing (NGS), such as... Read more

June 2024

Sterile Presaturated Wipes
Bottles, vials, and ampules must be wiped with sterile 70% isopropyl alcohol (IPA) before puncturing the top or breaking the neck, and given this need,... Read more
Emergency Response Course
The Transfusion Laboratory Emergency Response Simulation Course from Mayo Clinic was developed to address a skills gap related to responding to external... Read more
Digital Pathology Platform
Indica Labs has received FDA clearance for its HALO AP Dx, a digital pathology platform for primary diagnosis. This 510(k) clearance allows the system... Read more
Hematology Analyzer
The CellaVision DC-1 is designed to help automate and simplify the process of performing blood cell differentials in low-volume laboratories. The system... Read more
Blood Genotyping Software
Thermo Fisher Scientific introduces the Applied Biosystems Axiom BloodGenomiX Array and Software, a solution for more precise blood genotyping. The new... Read more
New Workflow for Automated Tuberculosis (TB) Testing
Revvity’s T-SPOT.TB test can be used with the Auto-Pure 2400 liquid handler from Allsheng to help provide labs a workflow that enables accurate and... Read more
Cold-chain Storage Solution
Cardinal Health offers a portfolio of temperature monitoring and data logging solutions to help clinical laboratories ensure accurate temperature records.... Read more
Portable Centrifuge
The Globe Scientific GCC-P Portable Clinical Centrifuge is designed for flexibility in the laboratory setting, equipped with a 12 VDC car power adapter... Read more
Refrigerated Microcentrifuge
The Benchmark MC-24R refrigerated microcentrifuge from Braintree Scientific is designed for the molecular biology laboratory, featuring an updated touch... Read more
Lab Informatics Software
LigoLab’s lab billing software aims to automate manual administrative steps with rule-based laboratory software that transforms the denial aspect... Read more
Rust Resistant Self-Contained Workstation
The MicroFlow I Workstation from Hemco is a ductless carbon filtered workstation equipped with activated carbon filtration, designed to collect small amounts... Read more

May 2024

Validation Software
Validation Manager is a lab software solution from BYG4lab designed to increase quality and efficiency by enabling users to complete instrument and assay... Read more
POC Anticoagulation Meter
CoaguSense aims to provide patients with actionable information at the point of care. The Coag-Sense PT/INR Monitoring System for both professional and... Read more
Hematology Analyzer
The CellaVision DC-1 is designed to automate and simplify the process of performing blood cell differentials in low-volume laboratories. The system leverages... Read more
Microscope and Slide Processor
The dIFine Family from Sebia announces the pairing of its Autoimmune and Infectious Diseases (Sebia AI-ID) dIFine automated microscope with its dIFine... Read more
ULT Freezer
PHC Corporation of North America announces the launch of a new model in its PHCbi brand VIP ECO SMART ultralow temperature (ULT) freezer series for use... Read more
Dharmacon Reagents from Revvity support the functional genomics that are critical to advanced genetic research and therapeutic discovery at the DNA, RNA,... Read more
Water Purification System
The Aquanex water purification system from Thermo Fisher Scientific offers two-point calibration and smart dispensing to deliver accuracy and reproducibility,... Read more
Temperature and Environmental Monitoring
Delivering environmental monitoring solutions for critical applications since 1995, CIMTechniques enables laboratories to protect assets by alerting for... Read more
Fentanyl Test Addition
QuidelOrtho Corporation has added the ARK Fentanyl II assay to its US Vitros XT 7600 and 5600 Integrated Systems as well as its Vitros 4600 Chemistry System... Read more
Platform for Clinical Trials
Diagnexia Clinical Trials platform provides subject matter expert (pathologist) review, as well as a unified technology platform to streamline the integration... Read more
Cold Storage Solution
Norlake Scientific offers cold storage solutions that aim to ensure precise temperature control via constant Wi-Fi data monitoring. Mini Rooms, available... Read more
QC Data Management Software
Bio-Rad Laboratories announces its Unity Next Peer QC data management software, which is designed to help troubleshoot quality control failures and increase... Read more

April 2024

LIS Monitoring Mobile App
Data Innovations announces its updated LIS and instrument monitoring system—Lab GPS v2.1—featuring a new mobile app to enable IS and instrument... Read more
Mini Digital Incubator
The MyTemp Mini Digital Incubator, Heat and Cool, from Health Care Logistics is a two-in-one unit that is designed to provide flexibility for culturing... Read more
Digital Cytology System for Cervical Cancer Screening
The Genius Digital Diagnostics System from Hologic is a digital cytology system for cervical cancer screening that has received US FDA clearance. The system... Read more
Hematology Analyzer
The Medonic M-series hematology analyzer from Boule offers advanced functions for physician office laboratories as well as small- and medium-sized clinical... Read more
Image Cytometry System
The Cellaca PLX image cytometry system from Revvity utilizes matrix analysis software and dedicated reagents and consumables to provide a benchtop solution... Read more
Inspection Management System
MediaLab’s InspectionProof helps laboratory teams prepare for virtual, hybrid, onsite, and self-inspections. With this inspection readiness and accreditation... Read more
Modular Lab Furniture Systems
HEMCO’s UniLine laboratory furniture offerings include base cabinets, wall cabinets, countertops, sinks, fixtures, base tables, and peg boards. The... Read more
Pathology-Focused LIS
Orchard Software’s newest pathology-focused laboratory information system, Orchard Enterprise Pathology, is web-based and designed to enable pathology... Read more
Flow Cytometry System
The REM-I platform from Deepcell integrates label-free imaging, flow cytometry, and AI. Its high-resolution brightfield imaging captures cellular morphology... Read more
Laboratory Staffing Services
Conexus MedStaff, a healthcare recruitment and staffing services provider, specializes in hiring international medical laboratory scientists and nurses... Read more
Automated Assay to Assess Tumor Progression
Thermo Fisher Scientific announces US FDA clearance of the Thermo Scientific B·R·A·H·M·S CgA II KRYPTOR immunoassay.... Read more
Hematology Analyzer
The BC-3600 from Mindray is a three-part differential hematology analyzer featuring closed tube sampling via a single push button. Requiring a minimal... Read more

March 2024

Digital Cytology System for Cervical Cancer Screening
The Genius Digital Diagnostics System from Hologic is a digital cytology system for cervical cancer screening that has received US FDA clearance. The system... Read more
Blood Bank Refrigerators and Plasma Freezers
Proper blood storage ensures product protection and patient safety. Corepoint Scientific Blood Bank Refrigerators and Plasma Freezers are designed to provide... Read more
Digital Cytology System
The Genius Digital Diagnostics System from Hologic, which has received clearance from the FDA, uses machine learning-based artificial intelligence (AI)... Read more
Self-Sealing Sterilization Pouches
Self-sealing sterilization pouches from Health Care Logistics can be used to sterilize equipment and instruments up to 6 months in advance. Each pouch... Read more
Fully Automated Modular Hematology Solution
HORIBA Medical announces the launch of the HELO 2.0 high throughput automated hematology platform. Designed in consultation with hospitals to address the... Read more
Characterization Solution for Gene Therapy
Revvity’s LabChip AAV Empty/Full characterization solution offers transmission microscopy (TEM), analytical ultracentrifugation (AUC), charge-based... Read more
Mass Spectrometry System
SCIEX launches the Echo MS+ system, which couples proprietary acoustic ejection mass spectrometry technology and open port interface (OPI) sampling with... Read more
Blood Gas Testing System
The GEM Premier 5000 blood gas testing system is an analyzer for point-of-care and centralized laboratory testing. Results for arterial blood gas (ABG),... Read more
Multiplex Molecular Platform and PCR Assay
QuidelOrtho Corporation has received 510(K) clearance from the US FDA for its Savanna PCR platform and Savanna HSV 1+2/VZV in vitro diagnostic test for... Read more
Cold Storage Line
Helmer Scientific announces the completion of the GX Solutions Cold Storage product line expansion with the launch of GX Solutions Ultra Low Temperature... Read more
RNA Probes
Enzo launches AMPIVIEW, an RNA gene expression platform for in situ hybridization that enhances biomarker detection and visualization within the spatial... Read more
Point-of-Care Fentanyl Test
Carolina Liquid Chemistries (CLC) offers urine fentanyl screening solutions from the point-of-care to clinical laboratories in settings such as hospitals,... Read more
Web Pathology Software Solution
MEDITECH announces Expanse Pathology, a web-based solution designed to streamline and advance pathology workflows. The system creates a workflow for managing,... Read more
Early Lyme Disease Detection
Zeus Scientific’s Borrelia MTTT algorithm is designed to improve the detection of early Lyme disease. The algorithm does not require a second tier... Read more
Temperature Monitoring Solution
CIMTechniques delivers temperature monitoring solutions that enable hospitals to protect their assets with alerts to take corrective action before suffering... Read more
Educational Quality Control Workbooks
Bio-Rad Laboratories has published the third workbook in its quality control (QC) focused series that offers PACE credits. The series is digitally interactive,... Read more
Rate Monitor for Reimbursement
XIFIN launches the Payor Rate Transparency Monitor, an interactive visualization tool that compares published contracted rates from healthcare insurance... Read more

January 2024

Rapid Diagnostic Tests
TECHLAB manufactures and provides a variety of quality diagnostic tests including the QUIK CHEK, EZ VUE, and CHEK formats. With more than... Read more
Laboratory Refrigeration Line
Horizon Scientific’s Premium Laboratory refrigerator and freezer line is designed to meet the standards of modern laboratory environments. Engineered... Read more
Cancer Screening Data Management
The new mTuitive Insight engine from mTuitive powers structured cancer data and provides a comprehensive view for healthcare professionals. As a single,... Read more
Mini Digital Incubator
The MyTemp Mini Digital Incubator, Heat and Cool, from Health Care Logistics is a two-in-one unit designed to give users more flexibility for culturing... Read more
Updated Lab Productivity Software
Data Innovations (DI) has released Instrument Manager 2023 (IM 2023), which introduces a new web-based application framework called DI Gateway. Developed... Read more
Data Management Platform
bioMérieux launches FIREWORKS, a data management platform that delivers insights into system performance and optimization, fleet management and... Read more
Virtual Safety Training
Dan the Lab Safety Man presents a series of eight 60-minute webinars led by lab safety consultant Dan Scungio, MT (ASCP), SLS, CQA (ASQ), and guest speakers.... Read more
Toxicology Assays for Chemistry Analyzer
Carolina Liquid Chemistries offers 62 assays through its Diazyme DZ-Lite c270 benchtop clinical chemistry analyzer, comprising 14 urine drug screens, 28... Read more
Compact Hematology Analyzer
The BC-5390 from Mindray is a five-part differential hematology analyzer with a built-in autoloader and a single closed tube sample mode. Requiring only... Read more
Testing for EBV Infections
Zeus Scientific presents Sebia Autoimmune and Infectious Diseases testing solutions for Epstein-Barr virus (EBV) infections. EBV causes infectious mononucleosis... Read more
Upright Compound Microscope
Motic’s new PA43 BIOMED upright compound microscope combines modularity and ergonomics to best enable routine clinical lab imaging workflows. The... Read more

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