September 2018

New & Noteworthy

Customizable Temperature Monitoring

CIMTechniques’ CIMScan continuous monitoring system is engineered for customized monitoring of critical infrastructure and data points. The variables... Read more

Digital Pathology Platform

Corista’s DP3 is a digital pathology platform designed to optimize workflows of whole slide images and patient meta-data in support of anatomic pathology... Read more

Direct Assay Receives Clearance

DiaSorin Molecular has received FDA clearance extending the sample type claims of its Simplexa HSV 1 & 2 Direct assay. The clearance expands the type... Read more

Guide to Capillary Blood Sampling

EKF Diagnostics has published an educational guide providing an overview of capillary blood sampling best practice. It aims to help health care professionals... Read more

High-Volume Chemistry Analyzer

The Mindray BA-800M chemistry analyzer is a high-volume chemistry platform with a built-in sample delivery management module. This automated analyzing... Read more

Microscope for Clinical Labs

ACCU-SCOPE has introduced the EXC-400 upright compound microscope, the latest addition to a growing portfolio of microscopes specifically designed for... Read more

Moderate Complexity Molecular CT/NG Test

Roche has received FDA clearance for its moderate complexity molecular test for sexually transmitted infections, operating on a fully automated, high throughput... Read more

Molecular Kits Detect Antibiotic Resistance

Streck ARM-D kits feature a design that improves methodology for detection of antibiotic resistance in Gram-negative bacteria, according to new research.... Read more

Proficiency Testing

WSLH Proficiency Testing is currently offering its 2019 proficiency testing programs. New testing is available in the following areas: SHBG and testosterone,... Read more

System-Wide Temperature Monitoring

Isensix can monitor all devices, enterprise-wide, across buildings and remote locations, with no limit to the number of devices in the system. Guardian... Read more

Temperature Verification System

Hampshire Controls’ Model TC-12 TEMP-CHECK is a specialized, noninvasive temperature verification system designed to assist personnel in determining... Read more

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