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June 2017
Volume: 6 Number: 5
Articles: 7

pg. 1
The Promise of Tomorrow and the Legacy of Today
pg. 2
The Ongoing Struggle with Gonorrhea: A Public Health Issue
pg. 6
The Boon of Liquid Biopsies in Genomic Cancer Care
pg. 10
Tips for Hematology Test Utilization
pg. 14
Study Results: Effect of Burnout on Clinical Lab Turnover Intention
pg. 20
ESR Analyzer Buyer's Guide
pg. 22
New & Noteworthy
New & Noteworthy

Visiun’s new anatomic pathology (AP) reporting and analytics provide pathology departments with an easy-to-use tool for monitoring operational workflow ... read more

Dynex Technologies presents the Agility, a fully automated, open system for enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay (ELISA) testing. Featuring full walkaway ... read more

The AireStream Fume Hood is a high-performance fume hood that maximizes user protection and energy savings. This hood is equipped with a 36-inch extended-view ... read more

Easily determine the efficiency of cleaning programs with Health Care Logistics’ Surface Testing Contact Plates that monitor the growth of bacterial ... read more

Psyche Systems presents e.Monitor, a comprehensive solution for laboratories to monitor and manage all of the data integration services that send and receive ... read more

Siemens Healthineers’ newest addition to the ADVIA Centaur portfolio, the ADVIA Centaur XPT Immunoassay System, offers a comprehensive infectious ... read more

NeoGenomics has introduced the Universal Fusion/Expression Profile, one of the first clinically validated next-generation sequencing-based profiles capable ... read more

Eurotrol’s CueSee Hypoxic lowers the reportable range of pO2 to as low as 15 mmHg on any blood gas analyzer. The buffered hemoglobin matrix provides ... read more

Helmer Scientific announces that its i.C3 Information Center is now integrated into the design of the i.Series line of refrigerators and freezers and is ... read more

Control Company’s environment cloud-monitoring platform, Trace-ableLIVE, now allows users monitoring critical environments (such as refrigerators ... read more

MilliporeSigma introduces a testosterone calibrator kit for in vitro diagnostic (IVD) use that allows users to calibrate assays and verify calibrations. ... read more

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