December 2017
Volume: 6 Number: 10
Articles: 10

pg. 1
Spreading Our Wings in 2018
pg. 2
New Lab Testing Options to Evaluate IBS-D Patients
pg. 6
Flow Cytometry Data
pg. 8
Evolving Workflow Drives Anatomic Pathology Design
pg. 14
Laboratory Staffing and a Faltering Connection
pg. 20
CDC Guidelines for Refrigerated Products
pg. 22
Water Purification Data
pg. 24
Data Analytics Tools for Test Utilization Management
pg. 30
New & Noteworthy
pg. 30
Product Spotlight: DxC 700 AU from Beckman Coulter
New & Noteworthy

Enzo Life Sciences announces a new primary antibody validated for IHC, our p16INK4A monoclonal antibody. A cyclin-dependent kinase inhibitor, p16 plays ... read more

The BacT/ALERT VIRTUO fully automated blood culture system and the VITEK MS mass spectrometry system from bioMérieux have received FDA 501(k) clearance. ... read more

AUDIT MicroControls announces Control Vitamin D for Roche Systems, a new addition to the company’s line of calibration verification/linearity and ... read more

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